Virtuous Cleaning Plus is a Christian-based business that is built on the strong foundation of Christian
values, morals and principals. Our mission and goal every day is to serve and be a blessing to those
in need in any way we can. Our aim is to help all people in our communities who may not have the
means or ability (elderly and handicapped /physically disabled etc.) to handle the everyday household
duties or responsibilities that are essential to living as comfortable as possible We also serve the
general public by offering quality yet inexpensive services such as:
general cleaning (residential/commercial), lawn care, carwash/detail, handyman services,
hauling services, cleanout’s (residential/commercial), property
maintenance (residential/commercial)eldercare, moving services and more.

Taking consideration for our customer’s health, we also use effective but eco–friendly, 
biodegradable products that will not be harmful to our customers or the environment.

So if you need help from honest, dependable & trust worthy individuals that have integrity and
genuinely care, Contact Virtuous Cleaning Plus and let us know how we can be a Blessing to You!  

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